Just Click. Publishing has never been easier.

Simple media publishing at the click of a button. Never get lost in complicated systems again.

Easy Posting. Mix & match.

Easily create mixed content posts including text, videos, and galleries. Publishing rich content has never been simpler or as flexible.

Spot trends. And see results.

Atreides aggregates all your analytics in one place so you can see the impact of your posts in real-time. The best posts will see great pageviews and a spike of social media buzz too.

Examples. Sites created with Atreides.


Installation is quick.Check the readme for more info.

rails new atreides_website
cd atreides_website
echo "gem 'atreides'" >> Gemfile
bundle install # or bundle update
rails g atreides
rake db:migrate
rails s

Then visit http://localhost:3000/admin to get started.

Many of the plugins require configuration settings. See config/settings.yml.


The 88 is a bespoke digital agency located in New York City.

Contributions by Lachlan Laycock, Chad Jackson, Harry Bernstein, Mathieu Ravaux, Jérémy Van de Wyngaert, William Alton, Adam Copeland, Benjamin Manns